• Club information in English

    Welcome to RKAVV.

    RKAVV is the largest football club in Leidschendam. RKAVV was founded in 1922. RKAVV is located in the North of Leidschendam Sportpark Kastelenring Sportparkweg 4, 2263 SX Leidschendam, click here for map.

    RKAVV is a club where players of many nationalities play together. RKAVV men's teams are playing on both Saturday and Sunday. The woman teams (adults) only play on Saturdays.
    The youth, both girls and boys, are active on Saturdays. At RKAVV you can play football from the age of 4 years. This 'toddler' football is on the field in good weather, but in bad weather we play in the hall located at the RKAVV complex. If you are older, you will be placed in the correct age category based on age. At RKAVV, both recreational and performance football is played, so there is a sporting opportunity for everyone.

    RKAVV is a club where many side activities are organized. For example, there is a Youth Activities Committee (JAC) that organizes a camping night during school holidays, there are football clinics where players from the first teams provide training, teams also have regular events such as paintball or bowling, they also participate in (international) football tournaments.

    In addition to the sporting activities, RKAVV is also socially involved in the region. On a year basis WIJZIJNRKAVV carries out various social projects, such as a neighborhood restaurant in the RKAVV canteen, where mainly older people with limited social contacts are connected while enjoying a dinner. In addition, RKAVV also has a foundation with the ANBI status, through which companies and individuals can support charities in a financially favorable way.

    RKAVV has the intention to make the website more accessible for people who do not speak Dutch. Currently this is the only page with English text.

    If you require more information or want to become a member, please send an e-mail in the your language but preferable English to lidworden@rkavv.nl , mention your telephone number, name, gender and date of birth of the player and RKAVV will contact you.

    You can also have a look at the Dutch page 'become a member' by clicking here.